VIDEO: Firefighters called to Chichester drainpipe drama

JUST two weeks since firefighters put out a fire in a Chichester shop, they were back to deal with a perilous drainpipe.

Mandy Rose, from the Little Shop of Secrets, dialled 999 on April 23, after cardboard in her backyard caught fire.

Today (May 7) her neighbour from the Sussex Camera Centre spotted a drainpipe was coming loose over her shop, looking as if it would fall on passers-by below.

The Chichester crew were on the scene immediately at 1pm.

“They arrived absolutely straight away,” said Mandy.

Despite being advised to ring Chichester District Council, she instead called the emergency services.

“I asked the lady (at the end of the line) if this was an emergency and she said ‘yes’.”

Despite putting some chairs out underneath the dangling drainpipe to stop people walking underneath it in case it fell, Mandy said people instead chose to sit down on the chairs.

The firefighters removed the drainpipe from the wall so it was no longer a danger.