VIDEO: Flames erupt in 4x4 parked in Chichester

A SHOPPER had a shock this afternoon (October 3) after finding his car engulfed in flames on his return.

Colin Hiscock, 39, from Aldwick, had come to the city centre to pick up a few items for an ultra marathon in which he is competing at the weekend.

“I came back and everyone in the pub was watching and the fire brigade were here putting it out,” he said.

Mr Hiscock, who is a director of Chichester-based land management company Your Environment, parked his Range Rover in Priory Road, near to the Park Tavern.

He said he had ‘always wanted’ a Range Rover and the fire would not put him off getting another.

“I will buy another one definitely. Hopefully one that’s not quite so burn-y.

“I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t a butcher’s opposite or I would’ve gone and got some sausages.”

No one was in the vehicle at the time it caught fire.

The father-of-two said he was looking on the bright and was glad no one was hurt – especially as his two-year-old twins had been in the 4x4 earlier today.