VIDEO: Goodwood Flying School’s new Piper Super Cub

A NEW addition to the Goodwood Aerodrome fleet will enable thrill seekers to reach even dizzier heights.

Goodwood Flying School is this year offering the ultimate aviation experience with the introduction of its Piper Super Cub, an iconic aircraft that will allow trainee pilots to hone their skills while taking in stunning views of the coast and South Downs. It will also be used for banner towing.

Goodwood's brand new Piper Super Cub PICTURE BY NICOLE HAINS SUS-151002-114911001

Goodwood's brand new Piper Super Cub PICTURE BY NICOLE HAINS SUS-151002-114911001

A vintage aeroplane, the Piper Super Cub is a versatile yet classic model, which aerodrome general manager Rob Wildeboer said will compliment their current fleet of Cessnas.

“We will now be able to offer a different type of flying experience,” he said. “These aeroplanes are so popular and so good at what they do, that when piper stopped building them at least three other companies started rebuilding them – because nothing else could do the job as well.

“Pilots love them because it’s stick and rudder flying, back to basics.”

A painstaking labour of love, it took Rob and project leader Mark Masters, formerly of the Classic and Vintage aircraft company, some 18 months to carry out the restoration of the Cub with new nuts, bolts and even fabric. The Cub allows the pilot and passenger a 360-degree view of the air, with a clear roof and sides.

Goodwood's brand new Piper Super Cub PICTURE BY NICOLE HAINS SUS-151002-114857001

Goodwood's brand new Piper Super Cub PICTURE BY NICOLE HAINS SUS-151002-114857001

Former Bishop Luffa pupil Rob was chief engineer at the aerodrome for ten years and has been general manager for six.

“We have been teaching people to fly since 1968. Having invested in five new aeroplanes six years ago the time had come to expand and diversify our fleet and give customers a more aspirational challenge by giving them a new aeroplane to fly,” he said.

“The Piper Super Cub compliments the Cessna rather than competes with it. It will make you a more skilled and well-rounded pilot.

“Working at Goodwood is more than just a job. We never thought we would see Spitfires based here.

“One of the brilliant things about Goodwood is we always find ways to make things happen, not excuses.

“It’s such a creative environment and there’s always something going on. We plan to land the Cub at Goodwood House, on the golf course and at the different events such as the Revival, just to show what it is capable of doing. The banner towing could be used by businesses. We have the coast line on our doorstep – we could tow a banner from Brighton to Southsea which would be maximum exposure for any local business.”

There will be a fly-in this Saturday with around 20 other Cub aircraft to mark the Cub’s launch and members of the public are welcome. Instructors will be on hand to talk about the planes.

For details about Goodwood Flying School contact 01243 755066.

The Piper Super Cub

HAVING started life as an L-21B in 1954, the Piper Super Cub was used by the Dutch air force as a spotting plane and has had one of the longest production runs of any aircraft.

A versatile plane, the Cub uses only a small amount of runway to take off and land, and in the summer, you can even fly with the door open.

A 150-horse power engine also gives it a great performance.

WIN 30-minute banner towing

Goodwood Flying School is offering the chance to win a 30-minute banner towing opportunity to send a special message to a loved one (perfect for your Valentine) or help promote your business or service.

To be in with the chance of winning, email your name, address, contact number, email and date of birth to or by post to Goodwood Flying School Banner Towing Competition, Goodwood Flying School, Goodwood Aerodrome, Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PH. Closing date is midnight on February 26.

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THE Piper Super Cub will be available for pleasure flights during the 73rd Members Meeting on March 21 and 22 and the Revival from September 11-13 – the first time pleasure flights have been allowed during these two events.

The opportunity for the Members Meet is on sale now.

See the website for more information

It will also be used to provide a banner towing facility for businesses and individuals to capture attention in the skies.

The cub can carry bespoke messages across Sussex and Hampshire between April and September and will also be able to tow aerial billboards.