VIDEO: West Wittering sandcastle competition

TEAMS creating towering pyramids and amazing animals went head-to-head at today’s sandcastle competition at West Wittering beach.

The annual competition attracted teams from around West Sussex and as far as London and Southampton.

The team and Captita and their sandcastle Octogram SUS-140830-160156001

The team and Captita and their sandcastle Octogram SUS-140830-160156001

Tina Mansfield from Bognor Regis said her family’s recreation of Toothless from How to Train your Dragon was a joint effort.

“My son Ethan really likes dragons so we thought we would make Toothless.

“We had a little practice to work out what we would do. We thought we would give it a try.

“We have been working since 10am. But they went out to the beach at home this morning to get the big stones.”

Florence and Matilda Giddings, both nine years old, created a boat with the help of their friends.

Sharon Norri and her daughter Hollie created a tree stump with a face. Hollie said she was ‘proud’ of their creation.

A team from Capita, Southampton entered the competition for their third year. They created an impressive sandcastle, a giant octopus, called Octogram. Another team from Scott Brownrigg created a castle - and even managed to include a bridge.

Sam Baker and his team of four designed an impressive shark sandcastle, decorated with fish-based puns and sharp stone teeth.

But first prize was awarded to the tallest sandcastle on the beach, built by the Mowbray family from Bosham and the Bowman family from East Wittering.

The families, with children Harlan, Isla, Ollie and Billie were ‘very pleased’ to win.

Emma Bowman said: “They were very happy and we won a great prize of tickets to the Mary Rose Museum.”

The winners were:

TALLEST SAND STRUCTURE WINNER (Prize donated by the Mary Rose Museum) : Super Sonics

TALLEST SAND STRUCTURE RUNNER UP (Prize donated by the Mary Rose Museum): Master Builders

MOST TECHNICALLY DARING WINNER (Prize donated by Lazy Dayz): Scott Brownrigg (Bridge)

MOST TECHNICALLY DARING RUNNER UP (Prize donated by Lazy Dayz) : Team Dragon (Toothless Dragon)

RIBA Prize WINNER: Octogram (Octogram Floating City)

RIBA Prize RUNNER UP: Golden Globe (Shark)

LIFE’S A BEACH WINNER (Prize donated by X-Train): Nameless (Mummy & Baby Turtle & Snail)

LIFE’S A BEACH RUNNER UP (Prize donated by X-Train): Eliza Denning (The Dolls Summer Palace)

For more pictures of the sandcastle competition, see Thursday’s Chichester Observer.