VIDEO: What causes flooding on the A27?

DRIVERS are getting used to flood water closing the A27, but why is it always so bad on one particular stretch?

Regularly, the section between the Portfield roundabout and the junction with the A285 at Halnaker sees water on the road.

Sometimes the inside lane is closed and on rare occasions the whole eastbound carriageway is shut.

Everytime water is on the A27, it means that seven businesses just next to the A27 at Maudlin Farm are mostly underwater.

Ryan Westwood, of the Westwood Furniture Co, based at the farm, said the problem started when ditches that used to run south from Westhampnett to the Pagham Rife were cut off by the A27.

Since then, water pools north of the carriageway, affecting businesses and two homes.

With especially heavy rainfall, the water overflows and blocks the A27, needing to be pumped away by Highways Agency contractors.

There is a pond south of the A27, with a nine-inch pipe connecting it to where water collects on the northern side.

However, Mr Westwood said there was no outlet for the water there and it frequently backed up.

For an in-depth look at the problem and the hundreds of drivers it affects, pick up a copy of next Thursday’s Observer (January 30).