VOTE: Are petrol prices in Chichester unfair on motorists?

SUPERMARKET petrol stations in the city charge ‘what they like, because they can’, according to an indignant Chichester resident.

Kevin O’Leary, who has kept a close eye on fuel prices, believes that Chichester motorists get an unfair deal.

“We are now more expensive than any where else,” he said.

“Between Sainsbury’s and Tesco, they literally closed all the independent petrol stations in Chichester. Now they have got the monopoly, they can charge what they like.

“Small petrol stations, such as the one in Lavant, could never compete.

“I don’t see why Chichester has this problem all the time.

“Why is it they think Chichester should pay higher petrol prices than anywhere else in the area?

“The tankers and the drivers all come from the same depot so that is no excuse.”

A spokesman for Tesco said its goal is to be competitive in the ‘local catchment area’ as the store does not operate with one national price.

On Thursday, December 27, Tesco Extra, in Fishbourne Road East, set its fuel prices at 133.9p per litre, while Havant’s Tesco Extra, in Solent Road, was charging 130.9p.

On the same day, Sainsbury’s Farlington was charging 128.9p for its unleaded fuel, but the Sainsbury’s petrol station on Westhampnett Road set the price at 131.9p.

Independent petrol station, Summersdale Garage, in Lavant Road, was charging 136.9p.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We review our petrol and diesel prices regularly and price locally to ensure we provide customers with great value. We compete with thousands of petrol stations around Britain and we regularly check our prices against those of our competitors as our priority is always to deliver the best prices for our customers.”

Kevin said: “The supermarkets put the price up before running a promotion.”

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