VOTE: Do you support the alliance between Bracklesham and East Wittering residents to fight plans for 55 new homes?

Residents in Bracklesham and East Wittering have formed a new alliance to fight plans to build 55 homes in the area.

A meeting was held last Friday in Bracklesham at The Pond Barn, Farm Road, which saw more than 50 residents come together and discuss plans to form a new residents’ association.

Residents want to fight against Wates Developments’ plans for the homes at the end of Beech Avenue and give themselves a platform to voice their concerns in the future if more development projects come forward.

The 55 homes would be built near to the new community centre, Bracklesham Barn, and a children’s playground. Residents believe the infrastructure of the village cannot handle any additional homes.

Peter Bates, who will be chairman of the new group alongside Keith Ellis, said: “The prospect of this development has got the local people’s pulses racing. On top of recent developments in the village this is just too much.

“Further to this are the ongoing developments across the peninsula which have raised people’s awareness of the unique and fragile environment that we live in.

“We are almost an island community south of Chichester and this small triangle of agricultural and marsh land is too valuable to pave over.”

Rosemary Rivers, of Beech Avenue, said: “The schools are already full and the doctors’ surgery is oversubscribed.

“They will not be able to cope with such a large influx of new families.”

Other complaints from residents included sewerage problems. The meeting raised many problems that the developments may cause for the village, as well as the Manhood Peninsula as a whole.

Sue Draper, of Grayswood Avenue, said: “On bank holidays and in rush hour, I don’t go out because of the traffic on the roads, which not only feed Bracklesham, but the Witterings and Selsey too.

“Summer is even worse, with tourists causing huge traffic jams. The longer waits will anger residents and discourage tourists.”

Mr Ellis of Elm Close and Mr Bates of Garden Avenue, Bracklesham, were pleased with the evening’s meeting and residents have already donated money to the cause.

The pair said the support was ‘phenomenal’ and appreciated.

The group discussed the possibility of bringing other groups together to discuss the plans to build up the area. The next meeting takes place on Friday, February 24 at 7pm, The Pond Barn, Farm Road.