VOTE: Does Chichester need more disabled parking bays?

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A disabled ex-royal marine has called for more disabled bays and clearer road signs in Chichester after he won a six-month fight against the district council to overturn a parking fine.

Wheelchair-bound Adrian Mills was horrified when he was slapped with a £70 fine for parking in what he thought was a disabled bay in South Street. He discovered too late he had parked in a loading bay with faded markings

Mr Mills, from West Wittering, took the matter to a traffic penalty tribunal and discovered on Tuesday he had won his case.

“There is not enough disabled parking, full stop,” he said. “Chichester is one of the healthiest places to live in the country and so many people love to come here.

“We need bigger signs for people to tell them what is going on. We have a lot of elderly people here who use wheelchairs and need disabled spaces.”

Ironically, Mr Mills was given a parking ticket while visiting the council’s offices at East Pallant, because there were no disabled bays available.

Mr Mills, of Culimore Close, was given the fine in November last year after he parked outside White Stuff in South Street while heading to an opticians in the city. He said the only space left for him to park was in between two disabled bays.

However this space was a loading bay and by the time he returned from the city centre, all other cars had left.

A Chichester District Council spokesman said: “Loading bays can be used only by goods vehicles that are loading or unloading. They cannot be used for parking by any other vehicle including those with a disabled badge. The appeal process found in his favour due to the loading bay markings.

“Although we enforce on-street parking, we do this on behalf of West Sussex County Council (WSCC). The signage and bay markings are WSCC’s responsibility.

“Our team has brought this to their attention. The vast majority of appeals are found in our favour, and the cost of this type of activity is incorporated into the charges we make.”

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