VOTE: Fury as Tangmere homes policy ‘opens the floodgates’

Tangmere parish councillors have blasted Chichester district councillors for a policy which they claim ‘opens the floodgates to greenfield applications of up to 100 houses at a time’.

The claim, which is in a letter sent to every district councillor, calls on them to answer three key questions regarding the council’s planning policy:

1 Do you believe we should see the building of hundreds of houses to meet house building targets that are based on the ‘boom’ economy of the late 1990s?

2 Do you believe greenfield land should be built on when brownfield sites are still available for development?

3 Do you believe housing development should take place in areas where there are insufficient services, like schools, shops, transport, play areas, surgeries and water treatment?

The letter has also been distributed to all the parish councils in the district, in the hope they can form a united front to oppose the rise in development plans.

Andrew Irwin, chairman of Tangmere Parish Council, said: “Everywhere you look there are people objecting.

“We are trying to get people to object together and we want this to be noticed.”

The letter has been sent following a meeting of the parish council’s environment committee last Thursday, August 16, to discuss a further planning application for 50 houses in the area, which was unanimously opposed.

Mr Irwin told the meeting, which saw a very large public turnout, that the district council’s interim policy statement on housing, Facilitating Appropriate Development (FAD), flies in the face of protecting villages such as Tangmere.

The parish council has launched a campaign called B WiSe (Build With Services) on Facebook, which they are hoping can influence planning policy, and can be seen at:

A copy of the letter is available to view on the site.

Other parishes have had meetings to discuss similar applications, including Birdham, Bracklesham and Donnington.

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