VOTE: Is urgent action needed to tackle speeding drivers in East Ashling?

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A campaign has been launched to drastically change the ‘insanity’ of motorists putting lives at risk driving through the village of East Ashling.

The East Ashling Traffic Action Group (EATAG) will be holding its first public meeting tonight, to canvas opinions and gather ideas about what realistic action can be taken to reduce speeds.

It has been formed by villagers David Ash, Richard Brownfield and Chris Aston, who are fed up with the way people drive, and the lack of action by the authorities.

They accept they cannot change the volume of traffic, but serious work needs to be done to reduce speeds, and make the roads safer, which in recent years have seen countless accidents, of garden walls, houses and parked cars being crashed into.

There was also a fatal crash outside the village earlier this year.

“The people responsible for roads around here know where the traffic is going, they know there is a problem here and they are doing nothing about it,” said Mr Ash.

“There are periods of lull, but that’s interspersed with periods of insanity.”

Mr Aston said the majority of villagers had anecdotes about near-misses and grumbles about traffic.

“I took one of my kids out for a bike ride the other evening and it took us nearly five minutes to cross the road,” he said.

“The response we have had from the local community support officer appears to be there are stretched resources and you need a death, that’s just madness.”

The trio agreed there were achievable options available to reduce the risks, such as a speed camera, or more simple ideas like de-cluttering the road of signs and lines.

But they feel simply reducing the speed limit would not work.

Mr Brownfield said: ““After the accident at the corner of Mouthey’s Lane, I said enough is enough and put a flier through people’s letterboxes in the village and said are you concerned about this.”

* The meeting takes place tonight (Thursday, September 8), from 7.30pm at West Stoke Village Hall.