VOTE: School help sought in speed limit fight

Campaigners calling for lower speed limits on residential roads across Chichester have been seeking the support of the city’s schools.

The Chichester 20’s Plenty group has just distributed 2,500 leaflets to children and parents outlining their aims and explaining how slower speed limits can benefit all road users.

Parklands Primary School is among the schools supporting the campaign and leaflets have also been received by Portfield, Kingsham, St Antony’s, Central, Rumboldswhyke, The March, St Richard’s, and Prebendal schools.

Group leader Sarah Sharp said a generous private donor had funded the leaflet printing for which she was very grateful.

“We want to help the community to understand and support 20mph limits,” she said. “Distributing leaflets through schools is a great way to reach families who will read about, and support our campaign. Other groups benefit too, including motorists, the elderly and disabled. All are safer and have a better quality of life with 20mph limits.”

The 20mph limits would operate on residential roads and would not use speed humps.

“The idea is it would be supported by ‘light policing’ and some roads would have higher speeds where appropriate.

Chichester City Council decided to formally back the campaign last December. The leaflets have been accompanied by a letter from Chichester mayor Cllr Michael Woolley in which he said: “We support the 20’s Plenty campaign efforts to inform and educate the people of the city about the benefits of lower speeds.

“Twenty-mile-per-hour limits reduce fear, accidents, cut traffic and congestion, improve air quality and make our communities quieter, safer places to be.

“If a child is hit at 20mph there is a significantly greater likelihood that they will survive than if it is hit at 30mph.”

For details see or call Sarah Sharp on 07789 84355.