VOTE: Should restrictions be put on further new housing developments in Tangmere?

A call to arms was made to residents in Tangmere last week as part of their push to ensure as many residents as possible are able to make their views known about the issue of housing development in the village.

At last Thursday’s parish council meeting 14 residents signed up to help distribute paper copies of the consultation regarding the Local Development Framework, which has named Tangmere as a possible development site under four of the five options.

Residents are being urged to speak to their neighbours and help encourage as many people as possible to fill in the forms and return them, either through the coordinators, to the parish council direct or by putting them in a box in the village’s One Stop shop.

The parish council has asked everyone in the village to return their form by today (September 15) so parish councillors can then make a note of people’s views before they are submitted to Chichester District Council for its deadline of Friday, September 23.

“We believe they have pre-determined their conclusion,” said Cllr Irwin. “Everything points to the fact they want to develop in Tangmere.”

He said there were still large question marks hanging over the issue of sewerage facilities in the area to support more housing and also the A27.

“There are large numbers of district councillors who want to prevent development in the city. Southern Water could run a waste pipe from Apuldram out to the sea to avoid contaminating the harbour which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which could support housing numbers in the city. but they don’t to follow that proposal and open up city to development.

“It is nonsensical to go ahead without proper sewerage.”

“The second constraint is the A27. I don’t see how housing at Tangmere makes a difference to the A27 from housing in Chichester. I don’t believe CDC should approve any housing until issue of the A27 is solved and I don’t believe we should support new housing until problems with Apuldram are solved.”

At the meeting a number of people said the process of filling in the questionnaire online was not an easy one, with people experiencing problems with saving their answers and not finding the facility particularly user friendly.

The parish council said bearing in mind the village had increased in size since the last consultation, it was looking for at least 800 responses. “We are here to galvanise the village,” Cllr Irwin. “We have precious little time to pull together adequate response but an adequate response is what we need.

“I’m fearful that we will get the houses without the infrastructure.

“We as a parish council will also be submitting our comments about this.

“A plan which doesn’t provide for facilities clearly required for a longer term solution isn’t a good plan.”

Since the meeting more residents have contacted the parish council to help distribute the questionnaires, which the parish council has printed off from the CDC website.

And this coming Saturday, the parish council is hoping get as many residents of Tangmere together as possible at the Village Centre in Malcolm Road to voice their concerns about the housing proposals.

The gathering will take place from 10am until 10.30, all residents are welcome.