VOTE: Should there be a crackdown on cycling in the city centre?

Pedestrians are fearful of their own safety, due to cyclists in the city.

Disgruntled residents have voiced their concerns about cyclists – who are mounting pavements and riding through the city when it is off-limits. A number of cyclists are also startling pedestrians by riding dangerously close without any warning.

During the hours of 9.30am-5.30pm, cycling through the city centre is out of bounds.

However, these instructions are being ignored by some cyclists and causing distress to those out walking.

Kay Mepstead, 52, from Bracklesham Bay, said: “I am fed up with the bikes, it is very annoying them constantly going through the city centre; sometimes it seems like they’re trying to run you over.” Mrs Hance, 68, from the Witterings, said: “I nearly got run over the other day walking down North Street. I was walking along and three youngsters on bikes came up behind me, I didn’t hear them coming and only just got out of the way. It is very dangerous, my husband is disabled and it is quite worrying.”

She added: “In Wittering they have introduced a £30 fine for cycling on the pavements and I haven’t seen a bike on the pavement since.”

The issue of unsafe cycling in the city centre raises the question of what is being done to tackle the problem.

PCSO Daniel Sibun, from the Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Cycling on the pavement and within the precinct of the city centre has been identified by local residents as a significant problem.

“In response to this, we are dealing with this as one of our priorities and are actively targeting repeat offenders, educating them about the restrictions and potential dangers that they pose.”

He added: “Those who become repeat offenders will be issued with a fixed penalty notice. We will continue to listen to the concerns of our local residents and deal robustly with any person caught cycling on the pavement or within the precinct.”