Waxfest fundraiser promises refunds

MUSIC fans who bought tickets for Waxfest in Chichester said they were losing patience as they continued to wait for refunds.

The ill-fated music festival was scheduled to take place in Priory Park during the August bank holiday weekend.

However, discussions between organiser Jamie Cummins and Chichester District Council broke down after the council said at such short notice it was not confident it could ensure health and safety.

The festival was cancelled and refunds were promised to the hundreds of people who paid £30 each for tickets.

Claire Adams contacted the Observer after being continually told she was about to be repaid throughout September and October.

She bought two VIP tickets for herself and her fiance, at a cost of £200. She said she contacted organisers many times but was often ignored.

“All I want is my money back and I would have happily waited a little while to be refunded if they’d just kept me more up to date and not ignored me,” she said.

Alex Bart was another who paid £60 for two tickets and said he was yet to receive any refund, despite being consistently promised it was imminent.

He said despite being told the money would be transferred, nothing happened.

“On principle, I think it’s disgraceful really,” he said.

He said he sympathised with Waxfest’s plight, but he had lost patience with the broken promises.

“It’s sad when someone tells you three times they will pay you and then don’t pay you,” he said.

Mr Cummins said out of more than 800 people who bought tickets, only 12 were still waiting for refunds.

He said Waxfest had to refund around £30,000 of tickets. In combination with other losses this took the total loss to around £58,000.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a tree in the back garden to grow it on. Everybody’s been kept well in the picture and well in the loop about it.”

He said they had apologised profusely and offered people tickets to other events.

“There’s not really much more than that I can do,” he said, adding he hoped the remaining refunds would be paid this week, following an event he was running in Bournemouth at the weekend.