VIDEO: Flooded Chichester multi-storey car park

Flooding on the lower floor of the Avenue de Chartres car park has led some to dub it Chichester's 'multi-storey swimming pool'.

An attempt to pump the water out was reported on Thursday, but by Saturday this video was captured by a reporter and it remains flooded this morning.

The flooded Avenue de Chartre car park on Saturday

The flooded Avenue de Chartre car park on Saturday

A spokesman for Chichester District Council said: “We are aware of the flooding at Avenue de Chartres car park and have been taking action to resolve this. The problem was the result of a power fault in South Street, which caused the underground water pump (which drains the water from the car park) to stop working.

"Because of the amount of rain we have had and the water table level at the moment, we have had issues with reducing the water in the car park to a level where we can access the water pump and to activate this again. Contractors have been on site draining the water and we have also had staff present to help customers and provide advice. Contractors will be on site again today to help reduce the level of water in the car park.”

If you have reports of flooding locally, please email