Weight of twenty nine hippos block our sewers


TWENTY nine hippos worth of non-flush friendly waste has been removed from Chichester’s wastewater treatment works.

Eighty eight tons of non-biodegradeable materials, were cleared from the works between April and November 2014.

This has lead Southern Water to warn that some items marketed as ‘flushable’ can still cause a ‘pain in the drain’ because they can block sewers and potentially can lead to pollution or flooding as sewers back up and overflow from manholes.

Paul Kent, Southern Water’s wastewater strategy manager, said: “The use of wet wipes, and things like make-up wipes, moist toilet tissue and cleaning wipes, apparently rises by 15 per cent each year but this trend is putting a strain on our sewers – as shown by the huge amount cleared from our works.

“They also cause damage at our treatment works as they can get tangled up in pumps and filters. Even those said to be ‘flushable’ cause problems – they may flush away but they don’t biodegrade so can still block pipes further down the line.

“Flushing them causes a pain in the drain, which is why we urge people to only flush the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.”

Drain blockers, which weighed as much as 2,000 hippos, were removed from Southern Water’s treatments works over all in the same eight month period.

Cooking fat can also cause a serious problem if it is poured down drains because it solidifies.

Last year, 11,000 blockages in Southern Water’s region were caused by fat, wipes and other things that should not be in sewers.

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