Westbourne alpacas pack a punch to protect lambs

Laura Webber with one of her father's alpacas.  C120504-1
Laura Webber with one of her father's alpacas. C120504-1

A family in Westbourne are relying on a unique secret weapon to scare foxes away from their lambs – by using a group of alpacas.

John Barker who owns Mill Meadows by his home at Westbourne Road, discovered the alpacas worked well in protecting his young sheep.

“The old sheep aren’t too bad but the lambs just stand there,” said Mr Barker.

“The alpacas charge around and kick and spit.

“They are relatives of the camel family. We are having a bit of a problem with foxes at the moment.”

Mr Barker already owns four alpacas but brought in reinforcements to help battle the increasing problem of foxes trying to get on to the farm.

The family are currently looking after two males, which came from Dunreyth Alpacas, near Chichester.

Mr Barker’s daughter Laura said: “They are brilliant.

“Because we lost one alpaca last year we got two new males in and they are a lot stronger together now. They are really nice animals with a nice temperament.”

An alpaca is a domesticated species of South American camelid.

It resembles a small llama in appearance. The Barker family received the good news that one of the female alpacas was pregnant. Twin lambs were also born at the farm on Tuesday (April 10).