Westbourne chippy’s fund-raising is hot stuff

George Mee, co-owner of Whistlers Westbourne taking part in the curry sauce fundraiser
George Mee, co-owner of Whistlers Westbourne taking part in the curry sauce fundraiser

Staff from Whistlers Fish and Chip Shop spent the day bathing in curry sauce to raise funds for a vital cause.

An impressive £883 was raised when staff from the three Whistlers branches in Westbourne, Fareham and Hayling Island took to the bathtubs and had pots of curry sauce thrown over them.

Staff took part in the fundraiser on Saturday, August 25 to raise money for Jamie Whitehouse, from Waterlooville, who is suffering from a form of terminal bone cancer.

The money raised will go towards funding Jamie’s visits to a clinic in Malaga, who advise him on a specialist Budwig diet and alternative treatments which, Jamie believes has slowed down the spread of his cancer.

“Most of us take life for granted and some people cannot lead a normal life and it is cut short. We cannot 
even begin to understand what that is like but it is nice to be able to do something to help those people,” 
said George Mee, co-owner of Whistlers Fish and Chips, Westbourne.

Seventeen members of staff across the three branches spent the day bathing in the curry, along with three members of the public who are customers of Whistlers who volunteered.

The business was contacted by Jamie’s friend Donna Maynard 
and staff decided to think of a way to raise funds.

Rana Denholm, Whisters’ owner, took a stint in the curry sauce herself at the branch in Fareham.

Rana said: “We are really happy we were able to help someone close to home. For us supporting our community is what being a traditional fish chip shop is all about and we’re really proud to have raised the money. Thanks to our fantastic team, some really kind volunteers and our very generous customers.”

“We pride ourselves on being a community business, and this was such a touching story that we wanted to help,” added Rana.