Westbourne traveller site approved despite infrastructure concerns

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A traveller and caravan site at Westbourne has been permitted by Chichester District Council despite concerns over the impact on the community.

The approved plan will see the change of use of land adjacent to Westbourne gypsy site at Cemetery Lane into two traveller pitches, each comprising of one mobile home, one touring caravan and one utility building.

At a meeting on Wednesday, a representation from Westbourne Parish Council said the infrastructure is ‘at breaking point’ and the local school cannot take in any more pupils.

Councillor Julie Tassell said: “Here we go again back to poor old Westbourne.

“This is very unfair on the people who live there – they have been so badly hit compared to the rest of the district.

“I would really like to see this refused.”

However, councillor Kilby disagreed, stating that she ‘could not find a reason to refuse’ the plan.

Councillor Richard Plowman said: “I think the problem here is that we are reaching the point where there is a considerable amount of development on the site.

“I am a bit concerned that we might see further developments in the future above the site.”

Meanwhile, councillor Bob Hayes said: “We cannot look into the future we are here to look at this application.

“When this came through before we refused it because it was not good use of land but now this has been rectified.

“I understand the concerns about Cemetery Lane and I understand concerns about the community, however I have to agree with this application.”

The application was approved by Chichester District Council’s planning committee.