Which street near Chichester makes most expensive list?

Google maps view of West Strand
Google maps view of West Strand

A STREET near Chichester has appeared in a list of the 50 most expensive streets in England and Wales.

West Strand, in West Wittering, was declared the 45th most expensive street in which to buy a home, according to a survey by Lloyds bank.

The average house price on the street was more than £2.5m between January 2009 and October 2014.

Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea dominate the top half of the list and the South East dominates the second half.

The most expensive street is Grosvenor Crescent, in Westminster, where prices have risen by 18 per cent in the las ea and home buyers can expect to fork out around £17m.

The 10 most expensive streets in the South East are in Surrey. The most expensive street in the area is Spicers Field followed by Leys Road, both in Oxshott.

Other expensive streets in Icklingham Road and Eaton Park in Cobham.

Homes in West Strand enjoy proximity to the summer hot spot, West Wittering Beach.

Many of its residents adorn their expansive gardens with tennis courts and swimming pools.