Widow’s shock as Russian officer delivers war medals

Edwina Tremaine with Commander Igor Elkin
Edwina Tremaine with Commander Igor Elkin

A WIDOW was given an afternoon to remember when a Russian naval attaché knocked on her door and presented her with two war medals for her late husband.

Edwina Tremaine was enjoying a cup of tea when Commander Igor Elkin from the Russian Embassy appeared on her doorstep with two medals.

“I got a knock on the 
door and there he was! So I invited him in. Talk about out of the blue!

“He wouldn’t have any 
tea but we sat down and chatted and he presented me with these medals.

“It’s lucky I was in. I just can’t get over him appearing on the doorstep! I was quite overwhelmed really.

“If I had known he was coming I would have baked a cake or something. If only Dick could have been here.”

The attache presented Edwina with two medals, 
for her late husband 
Richard who died at the age of 89 last year.

The medal of Ushakov, a soviet military award created in 1944, was awarded to veterans who served as part of the Arctoc convoys, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the great patriotic war.

“It’s such a shame Dick wasn’t here. He would have been very pleased indeed and very proud I’m sure.

“The man said he was going on to Gosport. I said 
‘I hope they’re alive’.”

Edwina’s neighbour Virginia Winther, was very pleased she happened to pop over to visit at the time of the shock arrival.

“It was a delightful surprise. I just thought ‘I must go and see Edwina’, so I did and at that moment this gorgeous attache commander was on the doorstep.”

They called their other neighbour Ben Hamit and he came round with his camera and took a photo (right) of Edwina with the commander.