Witterings women scale Mount Krizevac

FOUR women from the Witterings scaled Mount Krizevac in Bosnia Herzagovinia in memory of a friend who bravely fought pancreatic cancer.

Gio Grabowski, Linda Jolly, Pat Jenkinson and Claire Walton, who attend St Peter’s Church, completed the climb for their friend Bryan Harrison who died on September 8.

When Mr Harrison celebrated his birthday in August, Gio decided to help raise awareness of the cancer and so far £3,700 has been raised.

Gio said: “Pancreatic cancer is one of the only cancers that has had no improvement in the survival rate in the last 40 years.

“It is difficult to diagnose, treat and many have never heard of pancreatic cancer so are unaware of the low survival rate and lack of research.

“As a family we wanted to give him something he would appreciate and think worthwhile so we thought we would spread the word about this terrible cancer and help raise funds to support research.”

See www.justgiving.com/Giovanna-Grabowska to make a donation.