Work to begin on Lavant Valley sewer

MAJOR work to fix drains in the Lavant valley is set to start in October.

Southern Water is working to seal the sewers at East Dean, Charlton, Singleton, West Dean and Lavant after they flooded last year.

Concerns were raised by former councillor Mike Hall after the organisation resorted to pumping diluted sewage into the River Lavant.

“The recent focus has been on completing the survey at the downstream end of the catchment between West Dean and Lavant which was still flooded by groundwater in May,” said a spokesman for Southern Water.

“Initial indications are that the main areas of infiltration are in Singleton Village and East Lavant, largely at manholes, on public and private sewers. It is only during the past month water levels have fallen sufficiently to allow survey work.

“Further investigations are still under way and we expect the subsequent repairs to start in October.”