Work to start on the Heritage site?

The Heritage Site in Winden Avenue,  Chichester
The Heritage Site in Winden Avenue, Chichester

WORK may at last be about to begin on a derelict development site in the centre of Chichester.

The Observer reported last month that work on the Heritage Site, in Winden Avenue, was still yet to begin, despite elderly residents having to leave the site in 2008.

The new project would allow 56 affordable homes and 36 for sale on the open market.

Several start dates have been promised, but all have passed by with no sign of work beginning.

But this week Caroline Dale, a resident of Winden Avenue, contacted the Observer to say work was hopefully set to start in September.

She is the contact point with Hyde Martlet, the developers of the site, and the Whyke Residents’ Association.

She said subject to final approval, work could start in September.

Residents have become increasingly angry at the delays, with one resident labelling it ‘soul-destroying’, and another a ‘public disgrace’.

At the time of the last article, in July, a spokeswoman for Hyde Martlet said there had been a number of delays because of circumstances beyond its control.

“We’re really doing our very, very best to get on site as soon as possible to build homes because people need them,” she said.