World-famous circus ringmaster comes to Hunston

Members of Gerry Cottle's circus  Picture by Louise Adams C131102-1
Members of Gerry Cottle's circus Picture by Louise Adams C131102-1

CROWDS have the chance to see a master at work this week.

Gerry Cottle, the world famous performer, who ran away to join the circus when he was 15, brought his travelling show The Big Top to Hunston.

“It really is different. It’s for today’s audience,” he said before the first performance today (August 9).

“They can expect a very fast, funny show.”

The show features 50 different acts in 100 minutes, with a range of performers, from jugglers and African acrobats to a wheel of death.

During his time in Chichester, Mr Cottle was able to see a performance of Barnum at the Theatre in the Park.

“I saw Barnum. I know it’s got knocked in the press but it’s a lovely production.”

He described his travelling show as a ‘modern Barnum’, adding the celebrated performer was ‘always a showman’.

The Big Top’s first performance in Hunston was last Thursday, with several shows taking place until the last performance on Tuesday.

The performers have now headed to Southsea Common, where they will be performing shows until September 1.

After making a triumphant return to touring last year, following retirement in 2003, Mr Cottle said this year’s weather was the ‘opposite’ to last year’s wet weather.

“Never in my whole career have I seen so much rain and mud,” he said.

The performance is situated at Spring Field, in Hunston, off the B2145.

There are performances at 7.30pm tonight, 2pm and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, with performances at 3pm and 7.30pm on Monday and the final performance at 3pm on Tuesday.

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