90th birthday wishes

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ON BEHALF of the HMS Hood Association, of which I am vice-chairman, I sent best wishes to the Duke of Edinburgh to congratulate him on joining the band of second world war Royal Navy nonagenarians, of which I am one.

At this time of economic gloom, I mentioned his 90th birthday and the recent marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton gave us much to celebrate.

I am reminded of July 10, 1947, when the announcement of his engagement to the-then Princess Elizabeth was made.

Prince Philip (then Lieutenant Mountbatten) was serving as an instructor in HMS Royal Arthur at Corsham in Wiltshire under the command of Captain H Biggs Royal Navy, whose secretary I was.

He had to obtain his captain’s permission for leave, in this case to go to London to seek his future father-in-law, King George VI’s, approval to marry his daughter.

I had the unusual distinction of keeping him waiting in my office while I discussed local important matters with my captain.

As consort for almost 60 years, and now as Lord High Admiral, the Duke of Edinburgh has been of great help to the Queen and I am a loyal supporter of them both.

Keith Evans

Chilcrofts Road, Kingsley Green