A better use of money

I have been driving since 1947.

In those early days we were driving on cross-ply tyres with hub brakes, yet our legislators felt it reasonable to fix the speed limit at 30mph.

It now seems the public have been seduced by the slogan ‘20’s plenty’, without fully recognising the consequences of their actions.

First I would like to remind the public that a speed limit lasts for 24 hours and not just during busy time, so when a driver is returning late at night along The Avenue or The Drive, and he reaches 30mph he will be committing an offence.

Bus timetables will have to be changed, especially for the Summersdale bus No 60.

I do not feel spending £100,000 is a good use of taxpayers’ money.

A better use would be to sort out the drains which flood at each bout of heavy rain.

Lastly, from my experience of ten years in Chichester Police, it is not the careful driver which causes accidents, but the one who is quite prepared to disregard any speed limit whenever or whatever the conditions.

Michael Hughes-Narborough

Maplehurst Road