A big thank you

On behalf of East Wittering Sussex Police Neighbourhood Policing Team, I would like to thank the Observer for the opportunity to nominate persons for your Community Awards.

We nominated James Chaloner for the Best Youth category as for many years he has regularly attended our meetings and given an excellent update on youth matters.

He is captain of the Selsey Seals football team, plays and coaches cricket and regularly helps with our youth cub while continuing with A-levels and college studies relating to sports leadership.

Receiving his trophy and certificate from Fred Dineage at Butlin’s was a just reward for such a commendable young man.

It was humbling to hear stories of so many wonderful people who give their time to the community which although much appreciated by the recipients, is often not openly acknowledged, and public are otherwise unaware of their dedicated commitment and the deeds they do.

Well done, the Observer, for this window of opportunity to give applause and appreciation to them!

All best wishes for Christmas and the new year to you and all staff.

PCSO Rose Bainbridge

Manhood Neighbourhood Policing Team