A lifetime in politics

For far too long Great Britain has lacked strong decisive government, and then David Cameron delivered his long-awaited speech on Europe.

He was passionate and resolute and so committed to putting the people of Great Britain at the forefront of political reform within the EU that he might even have won over those who doubted his ability to do so.

But why in four years’ time?

Can he really keep the momentum of that speech going for that long, bearing in mind that he will have to win the next general election to even have a chance of calling a referendum and of renegotiating a worthwhile settlement for Britain.

It is an inescapable fact that public disillusionment with the EU is extremely high, many people feel badly let down that the unworkable rules and regulations imposed on Britain seem to permit the EU the indefensible right even to interfere with our national way of life.

Four years is a lifetime in politics, but it is now down to the British people to look carefully at our membership of the EU and to be fully aware of the benefits and the pitfalls that membership brings and to make a well-informed judgement before voting if and when the opportunity comes.

Maura Field

Grosvenor Road