A note to Keith Newbury

And a note to Keith Newbery:

I wholeheartedly agree with all you said: what has healthy living got to do with computers or laptops, even smart phones? No wonder we have so many out of work.

I went into the Tesco Express the other day, just for a bottle of milk (South Street).

That store has become computerised.

You can get your cash from the hole in the wall, providing it has not emptied.

Inside the shop you can even make your own Costa coffee, whether you make it first and drink it while going around the store.

At the other end are the electronic tills, and unless you want cigarettes, lighters or cigars, you can get away with not seeing a shop assistant.

On the day I went in there were only two people stacking shelves – is this the store of tomorrow?

Chichester is a beautiful city, if a little expensive, this is partly the reason my father came to live here.

My father would be disgusted by the way the places have gone if he was still alive today.

No wonder our pubs have closed or gone to the wall, as you say; we are not as friendly as we once were.

Crime I think has a lot to do with social behaviour, which I think has also gone.

Children these days are not taught manners or how to write their name.

Nobody is polite these days, maybe just a few elderly people are.

How can we attract visitors if all we have are empty shops?

Most OAPs do their shopping in your so-called charity shops because we cannot afford M&S prices for clothes.

Penny Hobday

Bradshaw Road