A riot of colours

Jan Barnes (Letters, November 8) asks where the list of rules for shopfronts is.

Well, it can be found on the CDC website at www.chichester.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=12267, and I daresay the reception desk at East Pallant House could find a copy.

But why have rules?

The photo, taken in the centre of Manchester, shows what can happen if there is no restraint.

Do we want Chichester to look like this?

Would this sort of thing attract you to a shopping centre?

One of the reasons that people come to shop in Chichester is because of the relaxed and stylish atmosphere.

A complete clutter of signs and a riot of colours will drive shoppers away.

Certainly, the first shop to adopt a garish colour scheme may attract attention, and perhaps the second as well; but after that the public will walk past as it’s all part of the background.

We’ve seen this happen with A-boards.

The first few were a novelty, but now almost every shop has a couple of them so that they no longer attract attention – unless you trip over the ones out in the middle of the street, which just irritates possible customers.

If anything, the district council planners have been too lax in applying their own guidelines.

If they were to be strict in the matter, shopkeepers would soon become aware of the advisability of checking the guidelines first, rather than crying ‘foul’ after contravening them.

David Wilson

North Walls