A smile does help

I don’t know which library Bridget Stap visited, but when I go to the library I am greeted by the librarians wishing me a ‘good morning’ and asking if I need any help with the new system.

I am used to it now and can manage to do it myself, but there is always someone there ready to help if needed.

I go on Thursday morning to the ‘Knit and Natter Club’; I think there may be more nattering than knitting, but we have a wonderful time.

This morning we had a two-year-old come to see what we were doing. It brings all ages together. One is allowed to talk, unlike the old days when it was all ‘shush’.

There is one thing: does Bridget go in with a smile on her face because I have found it does help. You carry on in your friendly way librarians and thank you for your help.

Ricky Johnson

Cawley Road, Chichester