A27 action needed

CHICHESTER Residents’ Association’s Coordinating Group (CRACG) shares the concern of the Chairman of Donnington PC (Chichester Observer, May 24) over the lack of action to ensure the A27 near to Chichester meets the ever-increasing demands of safety and traffic handling capacity as the reckless overdevelopment to which we are subjected, without any regard to the lack of such improvement, degrades the lives of all residents.

We hope the overwhelming rejection by the residents of Donnington of the proposed development at Southfield, whose implementation can only make matters worse, will be heeded by our reluctant to act district council.

Bringing an additional 100-plus cars on to the adjacent roads and the A27 must be resisted.

We also note that the proposed development is to use a DIY onsite sewage plant with attendant onerous maintenance responsibilities and risks to the environment with no word as to who is to shoulder them.

CRACG calls on Chichester District councillors to refuse this and any other applications for more dwellings without significant improvements being made to the infrastructure in order to deal with the existing, and then any future demands which may be made on it. The unique character of Chichester City and District must be protected from excessive housing pressures.

Chris Cousins