A27 needs work now

THERE have been many letters and opinions about the recent deaths on the A27 as it bypasses Chichester.

It seems to me no-one has really thought about what sort of road it is.

It was obviously built as a bypass many years ago, but since then the area of Donnington to the south of the A27 has grown considerably and there are now proposals for extensive developments at Shopwhyke, also on the outer side of this road.

If these developments are permitted then the A27 will effectively become a ring-road through different parts of our city and not a by-pass between the city and open country.

If this happens then surely the present speed limit of 70mph should be considerably reduced.

As we all know the road is a barrier to those of us who wish to walk or cycle to areas to the south of Chichester.

It is difficult to access the lovely lakes area, and the other footpaths south of the city, except by the bridges crossing the road at Stockbridge and the Bognor roundabout.

If the status of the road were to be changed to a ring road and marked accordingly then perhaps drivers would be more aware of the possibility that pedestrians might need to cross this road.

At present it looks almost like a motorway and no one expects to see people trying to cross on foot.

The ring road through Worthing has a speed limit of 40mph.

Surely that would be a much more appropriate limit for our ring road.

It would also help with the bunching effect that now occurs as drivers rush away from each roundabout, only to have to slow down to join queuing traffic at the next one.

It seems to me that it’s about time roads and speed limits were considered as part of a bigger picture of a community’s health and well-being and not just as a means to get drivers as quickly as possible from one point to another.

Stephanie Carn

Whyke Road, Chichester