Added views

I wish to add my views in support of a letter last week which referred to a spate of speculative large-scale housing development applications in the Manhood Peninsular (‘Scale too great’).

Like the correspondent, I am not against development and do realise the need for additional housing provision in the Chichester district.

However, any such development should be considered as part of a local plan, not simply as a measure to satisfy a ‘quota’.

To highlight these speculative development applications, a case in point is in Selsey, where in January 2009 an application for 370 dwellings with a 100-bed nursing home on the outskirts of the town was finally withdrawn by the applicant at appeal stage, because of correct planning principles being applied and the resistance shown by local residents.

Subsequently, in September 2011, a portion of this site outside of the Selsey Settlement Policy Area was hived off for an application for 50 houses, this was refused by Selsey Town Council, refused by Chichester District Council and is now at appeal stage.

During the consultation process, many residents and council members expressed concern that approval to this site would open the floodgates, (no pun intended as Selsey does indeed have problems with sewerage in this area) to further applications on the original site.

Despite all assurances to the contrary, I have just discovered a new application was submitted to CDC in July 2012 for a further 150 dwellings on a site adjacent to the current appeal site.

If the original application is approved at this appeal, there will be little we can do to stop the further expansion of this site which will exacerbate the problems we have with traffic to and from Chichester on the B2145, health provision in the area, the aforementioned sewerage problems and the lack of adequate infrastructure in Selsey to accommodate the current population, not to mention the additional 10,000 holiday visitors in the summer months.

If it can happen in Selsey, it can happen elsewhere on the peninsular.

There will be many Selsey residents, who oppose this development, attending WSCC offices for the appeal hearing at 10am on Tuesday, December 18.

If there are any readers that wish to join them to make a stand against this over-development of the Manhood Peninsular, then I am sure you will be welcome.

There is a campaign group in Selsey, Campaign Against Over Development In Selsey (CAODIS) who can provide additional details of this appeal hearing and would welcome your support, contact

G W Wood

Peachey Road