Addressing concerns

I READ with interest the unacceptable service reader Gordon Williams has received in his correspondence with our MP, Andrew Tyrie.

Although, unlike Mr Williams, I have not been ignored, I have nevertheless experienced difficulties in my communication with Mr Tyrie.

In September last year, I wrote to Mr Tyrie expressing concern over the financial and social burden caused to this country by irresponsible drinking.

It is an issue which has been repeatedly raised by members of the medical profession to successive governments in recent years.

I wanted to know what practical steps the present government were going to take to tackle the problem.

Mr Tyrie responded promptly to say he would be raising the matter with the prime minister and then two months later he wrote to me again to say he was in communication with the Department of Health.

I have not heard from Mr Tyrie since, though I have sent a reminder letter to him.

While I can appreciate the duties of an MP can be arduous, it would seem to me from the experiences Mr Williams and I have had in our correspondence with Mr Tyrie that he and his staff are unable to address the responsibilities he has been entrusted with when dealing with constituents’ concerns.

Perhaps Mr Tyrie would care to respond to such matters through the columns of the Observer to allay any future misunderstanding as to how he sees his position.

Peter Shaw

Russell Street