An excellent service

I dialled 999 at 11pm late on a Friday evening; the response on the phone was immediate.

A voice, a real voice (not a recorded voice asking me to listen to options and to press buttons one, two, three) but asking a simple question: “Fire? Police? Ambulance?”

When I said ‘Ambulance’ immediately, the ambulance came on the phone.

Helpful responses came when I explained I had slipped over backwards and hit my head on the carpet; that I hadn’t hit it on anything else and couldn’t see why my pyjama trousers were covered with blood coming from my head; and that I was sitting on the floor just where I had fallen, luckily in reach of the phone.

I was firmly kept on the phone.

I gave my name, address and age (90) and said it would be difficult to find me because it was a house within a park without road names and electronic gates, and I would give directions once they were in the area.

“They are already on their way and I can keep on touch with them to relay directions.”

For the next 20 minutes the reassuring voice kept me firmly on the phone.

She chatted cheerfully and made sure I answered her until I heard the back door open and the ambulance was here!

A splendid service in every way. I can’t praise it more highly.

Joscelyn Johnson,

Lavington Park, Petworth