Appalled at driving in the rain

I was appalled last Thursday by the number of people driving in very heavy rain with no lights on – even commercial vehicles.

Even when I flashed them the penny didn’t drop.

The A27 was gridlocked eastbound because of flooding – as usual – between the Selsey roundabout and the Bognor roundabout, but the road was coned off far beyond this.

I wondered why.

When I returned home I telephoned West Sussex County Council to be told it was the highways responsibility, so I spoke to them.

They said they could not tell me why the road was coned off for so far, but added a study was being done regarding the flooding.

What a waste of money as it has flooded there for years and nothing is done.

Why are we paying our taxes for yet more studies? How many have there been regarding the A27 so far?

J Harper,