Are awards skewed?

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HAVING lived in Chichester for many years, I take great interest in and always enjoy reading about the community awards.

It is refreshing for so many local people to be recognised for their achievements whether it be purely a nomination or ultimately receiving the award itself.

However, I have noticed this year in the ‘Carer’ category, that alongside two loan individuals are two rather well-known and considerable-sized organisations.

Whilst I am familiar with both these organisations and the fine work they do, surely it is not a totally fair situation, given the amount of support an association, consisting of a work force of around 30 people would be able to generate, compared to that of a single individual, it stands to reason that the voting will obviously be much higher.

I fear that in the future this could discourage people from nominating lone individuals as the odds will quite obviously be stacked against them, which I feel would be a shame.

This is just something I thought worth voicing and I hope it is not taken as a criticism, it is absolutely not, as I say above, I feel this is a great opportunity to show appreciation and I very much look forward to reading about all our unsung heroes.

Cathy O’Brien

Orchardside, Hunston