Articles on police and Brexit led to more questions

Anti-brexit campaigners wave Union and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament
Anti-brexit campaigners wave Union and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament

Two pieces in the Observer, February 7th, on page 22 caught my attention. One item was informing us as to how the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner was going to spend my extra contribution to Sussex Police and the other item was from our MP telling us about her Brexit concerns.

I do hope that Mrs Katy Bourne won’t spend my cash furthering the PC agenda which may lead to an increase of reported ‘hate crimes’.

After all, Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers said: “What on earth are the police doing investigating if no crime has been committed? Have they not got better things to do than acting as thought police?”

This was after some man was ‘spoken to by the police’ regarding comments he passed on using his Tweeter account.

Instead I would like to see all oncoming speeding cars with two headlights or, even darkly clad cyclists with even one light showing. I limit myself to those comments.

Now Mrs Keegan, MP, don’t be frightened by the Brexit Propaganda Campaign.

Much of it is Fake News often peddled by the Left Wing BBC.

By the way Mrs Keegan, do you want me to lose my ‘BBC OAP Licence Fee Concession’? Why should I pay for a liberal bias BBC?

Now then, let us remember, that to reason without data is delusion.

Question for Mrs Keegan. Why did the BBC receive more than £2.3 million in funding from the European Union over three years? What was that money spent on? The Teletubbies maybe?

Did you know that inflation in the 19-countries of the eurozone eased in January 2019, a potential sign of economic weakness for a region beset by multiple challenges, from Brexit to disputes in international trade.

Also remember that the Euro was supposed to bring shared prosperity for Europeans, but instead it has slowed growth and sown discord.

Finally, did you know Mrs Keegan that The European Union’s highest court has ruled that the expenses of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) can remain secret, after a bid by campaigners and journalists to bring transparency to the Brussels legislature? Oh I could go on...

On behalf de ‘gilets jaunes’.

John Hutchings, New Park Road, Chichester