Authorities need to consider dwindling food supplies

When will our planning authorities at both local and national level recognise the fact that security of food supplies is becoming increasingly important with a rapidly-expanding national and worldwide population?

This security is severely compromised by using good-quality farmland to satisfy the perceived needs and ambitions of property developers.

‘Food from our own resources’ was once a declared policy of government, sadly abandoned some time ago on the assumption that we could always import it from other parts of the world.

That option will soon become virtually impossible so that when the likelihood of food shortages becomes common knowledge, the cry will be to make sure that farmland returns to its primary function of producing food.

We should make sure that we hold our planners to account on this basis alone and ask them to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of the looming problems of food security by withdrawing Whitehouse Farm from the Chichester district local plan, thus preserving it as a producer of arable crops for many years to come.

Michael and Hilary Fort