Award help needed

THE City Of Chichester Heritage Award is presented annually for schemes and buildings that have been completed in the last year, for enhancing the streetscape of Chichester.

I have entered the Buttermarket for an award.

There is a dilemma, both the Civic Awards given for service to the city and the Heritage Awards are judged by the city council.

So Observer readers, two questions: 1 Should the city council give judgement on whether the Buttermarket qualifies (or not!) for an award, bearing in mind they own it.

And 2 Do readers consider that the quality of design and workmanship deserves to be recognised?

Along with many Cicestrians I had a warm feeling towards the old Buttermarket; it was scruffy and the stairs to the upper floor were lethal.

The bijou shops offered a variety of wares that could not be obtained elsewhere in the city.

Upstairs during warm weather it was jolly hot.

I know there were troubles with the drains from time to time and the roof needed attention, but for all that it was a part of the character of old Chichester.

However we should not judge the building on what it was, or the fact that most of the new units have yet to be occupied.

In my opinion the refurbishment has resulted in an elegant arcade of exceptional design and workmanship of the very highest quality.

Chichester is a major trading centre attracting a large number of customers from a wide area; we must not be complacent and assume that this happy state will continue without any thought for the future.

Complacency will lead to stagnation – we must face the future with determination and an open mind.

Am I right to submit an entry for the Heritage Award – or not?

Len Eyles,

Worcester Road, Chichester