Backward step

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It will be a very sad backward step if the Emperor Way cycle path at Fishbourne is closed. It provides a slight respite from the hazards of the A259.

Many people commute by bike between Chichester and the Emsworth/Havant area. They take their lives in their hands: the A259 is lethal to cyclists. In just a few places there are some pathetically inadequate attempts at providing a cycle lane, but these are few and far between.

These lanes are also often ignored by motorists, who use them illegally as a car park, such as by the surgery at Soutbourne.

This problem has been put to the Sussex Police, but no action has been taken, and the West Sussex Highways department obviously does not care about the plight of cyclists on this important route.

But their inaction is symptomatic of the uncivilised malaise of much of our country as far as cycling is concerned.

As a long-term and experienced cyclist I am now very scared by the dangers of this road. And with good cause, as my 41-year-old son died on it at Chidham just a year ago.

My family and I are left with a lifetime of grief and sorrow.

Roger Pratt

Beacon Square,