Baths long shared

CLLR Lionel Barnard recommends (Observer, April 5) that my wife and I share a shower: this would have had a certain romantic allure when we were younger, but as one gets older one likes their own space, but I do have first-hand experience of sharing bath water.

I was born in Jubilee Terrace, Whyke Lane, before the war: these properties had no bathroom and a toilet down the garden.

Bath night meant bringing into the scullery, the tin bath that hung on a nail in the yard and filling it with hot water from the copper that was situated in a corner of the scullery heated by it’s own small open fire, there being no hot running water.

My mother used the bath first, followed by my two sisters and me, being the youngest, got in last, all using the same water which was topped up occasionally with more hot water from the copper, luckily my father was serving in the RAF or I would have gone further down the list.

As you can see, Cllr Barnard, I was taught to save water at a very early age.

Brian Hall

Lavant Down Road, Lavant