Behaviour is shameful

AT our cricket committee meeting last night it was a great disappointment to hear of the shelving of the park development scheme.

I think the irresponsible behaviour of the council members is shameful.

To ignore such an important and prestigious offer of improving an area for so many people young and old (excluding visitors) is truly scandalous.

The scheme, which must be worth considerable sums of money, gave a lifeline to the city.

One which the current mayor made blatantly clear he would halt at any cost.

How was he even considered as a suitable candidate to represent in a neutral way the future of the city?

So... how many people sold their souls to him?

And yet we have millions being poured into museums and art galleries – on behalf of who?

If there is a march I would happily join and hold my head up high to be counted for in supporting the programme to go forward big time.

Jan Barnes