Better solutions

It should not take a genius to see the top reasons for sickness at the hospitals being anxiety, stress, depression and back problems were those which can not be confirmed by medical tests.

When I did National Service, I watched a young man swing from the rafters of our billets just prior to working his ticket for a bad back.

Management need to be tougher and to award those who don’t go sick, and not reward those who do.

I am sure there will be complaints from the regularly sick but surely those who work full-time compared to those with depression, stress etc do deserve more.

Regular interviews of sick staff when they return from sickness asking for medical statements would help to deter them.

There are plenty now looking for work so those who go constantly sick should allow fit people in.

Annual increases should only be paid to those with less than five days sick per year.

£7.5m is a lot of taxpayers’ money.

We must try, perhaps with better solutions than I suggest.

Allan J Chambers