Bin bill shame

I note the only method of payment acceptable to the green bin recycling service provided by Chichester District Council is a monthly direct debit or credit-debit cards.

This leaves my next-door neighbour, a lady in her late 80s, with a problem. She has no bank account so is unable to pay for same.

At her time of life, she should not be forced into opening a bank account just to pay for bin emptying.

I have paid on her behalf, over the telephone, with my debit card.

This must be a safer method than returning the form asking all card details, including the security code, in the normal post, especially with so many rogues about.

At the same time, I cancelled my own contract as I am at a loss to understand why it costs £6.80 more to pay a one-off payment, a year in advance, than it is to pay by direct debit monthly instalments, requiring a letter being sent two weeks in advance of every payment being collected

It would take a bit more than arm twisting to make me pay any unnecessary bill by direct debits.

Thanks to whoever made the stupid rules in the first place, I am now saving £50.80 this year.

Reg Stamp

Grafton Road, Selsey