Blue badge mistake

I WRITE as a blue badge holder of some 15 years. Certainly there are some parts of Chichester where disabled parking is very difficult, South Street especially.

This is one road where the double yellow lines also have a vertical yellow stripe which means ‘no parking or unloading at any time’. So blue badges cannot be used. There are no disabled spaces except right at the southern end, so not very helpful for walking disabled who want the north end. At one time there were spaces close to the cross but added to traffic congestion, so were removed. A few more spaces around the St Mary’s area would be helpful. It is here where I have parked once on double yellow lines and only for a very short time since I consider double yellow lines are there mostly for a good reason.

I know there are designated spaces tucked away in back streets but these are not easy to find, especially for visitors, and again a fair walking distance.

Another problem that faces BB holders is the improper use of designated spaces by non-holders. There is a popular idea that they only apply during ‘no parking’ hours. I know because I once challenged a group of young girls on a Sunday in the past who politely informed me that they could park because anyone could that day!

On another occasion I challenged an obviously able-bodied man who said that he was only going to be a couple of minutes!

Finally, my personal solution. I use my famous power chair to get to town but it is only a mile or so each way and no good in our present wet weather!

(Rev) John Collins

Exeter Road,