Boarders a no-no

I HAVE seen with dismay that the council has gone ahead, against the wishes of all the residents and most visitors, as usual, and erected the flags on the beach and designated an area of a public beach for the use of kiteboarders, just 50 yards from the car park at Bracklesham.

This is an accident waiting to happen. I sincerely hope the

council is well insured against accidents because one would have to be naive to believe that the kiteboarders are insured against causing injury or damage to the public on the beach.

Bracklesham is known for its sandy, safe beach which it will not be with kiteboarders in the middle of the most used area of beach.

Why, oh why can they not be designated an area of the past Sussex Beach Holiday Centre, where few people visit, meaning safety for the boarders and safety for the public.

Mrs RR Allan,

East Bracklesham Drive,

Bracklesham Bay