Bordering on the bizarre

Last week you published a report on Erika Rudash, of whom I confess I had not previously heard.

Some of the facts or ‘facts’ (Ms Rudash’s inverted commas) bordered on the bizarre and I was left not knowing whether too much or too little public money is being spent.

A lot of questions were raised in my mind:

1 Why did Chichester District Council move mother and daughter to Worthing when the daughter goes to school in Chichester?

2 Has Ms Rudash been able to find a job in or near Worthing?

3 Did she have one in Chichester?

4 Living,as she does for the present, in Worthing, does she not come within the purview of a different local authority?

5 Can we have some examples of local authorities which treat single mothers very differently?

6 Can we have some examples of the wrong ‘facts’ mentioned?

7 Why don’t I expect to get a straight answer to any of the above?

Douglas Wood

Highleigh Road